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Allianz Annual Report 2012

A To Our Investors 35 Letter to the Investors 40 Supervisory Board Report 49 Supervisory Board 50 Board of Management 53 International Executive Committee 54 Allianz Share 59 Services for Allianz Investors Annual Report 2012    Allianz Group The Board of Management’s reports on the business situation and other topics were supplemented by presentations and documents which members of the Supervisory Board received in preparation for each meeting. Likewise, the annual financial statements of ­Allianz SE, the consolidated financial statements and the auditor’s reports were available to us in time for the meeting. The half-yearly and quarterly financial reports as well as the results of the auditor’s review were provided in advance to members of the Audit Committee. Where activities by the Board of Management were subject to approval by the Supervisory Board or one of its committees, the respective resolution was adopted. In the 2012 fiscal year, the Supervisory Board held five meetings and one telephone conference. The regular meetings took place in March, May, September and December. There was also an inaugural meeting following the election of the Supervisory Board at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in 2012. Additionally, following the meeting of the Audit Committee in February 2012, a telephone conference was held regarding the Board of Management’s dividend recommendation. After Dr. Cromme’s ­resignation from the Supervisory Board and the court’s appointment of Ms. Bosse as a member of the Supervisory Board in August 2012, Dr. Bernotat was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Super­ visory Board and committees were newly constituted by way of written procedure. The Board of Management also informed us in writing of important events that occurred between meetings. The Chairmen of the Supervisory Board and the Board of Management also held regular discussions about major developments and decisions. With two exceptions, all of the Supervisory Board’s meetings were attended by every member. Mr. Landau and Mr. Sutherland were absent with a valid excuse from the inaugural meeting on 9 May 2012, as was Mr. Landau from the meeting on 12 December 2012. On both occasions, the absent members participated in resolutions by written vote. No conflicts of interest occurred in 2012 that must be disclosed to the Supervisory Board and reported to the AGM. Issues discussed in the Supervisory Board plenary sessions In all of the Supervisory Board’s regular 2012 meetings, the Board of Management reported on Group revenuesandresults,aswellasthecapitalandfinancialsituation.TheBoardalsoreportedondevelop­ ments in individual business divisions. We were regularly informed by the Board of Management about the impact of natural catastrophes, the status of major legal disputes and other essential developments. Over the course of the past fiscal year, the effects of the sovereign debt crisis in Europe and its ­consequences for our risk strategy and risk management formed a key aspect of our work on the Supervisory Board. 41