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Allianz Annual Report 2012

Magazine for the Annual Report 2012 19 Other parts were at serious risk of collapsing. But even worse for the company was the business interruption. Joachim Hufenreuter, the AGCS claims adjuster for the area, was quickly on location to coordi- nate measures for a quick restart of production with Ms. La Manna. Some production steps had to be outsourced to ensure deliveries to ­clients were still on time. The insurer was able, right away and right on the spot, to give assurances about settling the claim. Ultimately, how fast, efficiently and to what extent a claim can be adjusted depends on cooperation between the insurer and the insured. Many clients are challenged after a major loss. They suddenly have to cope with three different tasks at once. Day-to-day business has to be kept as close to normal as possible. The crisis has to be managed by communicating with clients and meeting obligations – for example, by boosting production at other sites. At the same time, decisions have to be made about how to rebuild, or how to get hold of new machinery. “During this phase, it’s important for the insured to work closely with us, and especially to pay attention to getting back into business as fast as possible. The quicker everything gets resolved with us, the quicker the client can go back to giving full attention to his or her business. That’s why we always tell clients at our client events that insurance is an important aid, but not the solution,” says Shell. Titan Italia is an example of how much a client can benefit from work- ing hand in hand with Allianz. Close cooperation between the insured and the insurer made it possible for us to provide advance payments for additional costs so that production could restart quickly. Less than a year after the quake, Titan Italia is back in the market at full strength. “ Every claim is essentially a new project. Each time we have to find the best way to get the client quickly back into production” Dr. Andreas Shell, AGCS AGCS ag AGCS france agcs north america solvency ratio 293 % 822 % 468 % 2012 302 % 761 % 492 % 2011 357% 923 % 512 % 2010 solvency ratios Solvency ratios demonstrate how AGCS companies are backed by substantial excess capital. These are calculated at year end (31 December) and are shown below for each of AGCS’s primary operating companies: Gross premiums written 2012 by business line1 Gross premiums written 2012 by region (incl. Art)1 13 % 4 % 20 % 5 % 9 % 14 % 15 % liability Financial Lines engineering Allianz Risk Transfer (Art) aviation energy marine 20 % property 12 % France 5 % asia pacific 15 % UK REGION 24 % america spain / Portugal 2 % ARt 14 % nordic & CEE (Central eastern europe) 1%  Germany & CE (central europe) 27 % Established financial security through diversity. Business Portfolio of Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty 1 Excludes other business premiums outside core lines of business.