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Allianz Annual Report 2012

Annual Report 2012    Allianz Group As a global company with operating entities in over 70 countries, ­Allianz has a huge base of local expertise and examples of good practice. A key task of the Holding func­ tions is to make use of this valuable knowledge by sharing it across the Group and supporting its transfer to other Group companies. This also allows opportunities to be identified and exploited on an ongoing basis. In addition to strategic approaches and knowledge sharing, major sources of opportunities stem from employees’ ideas and from customer feedback. Processes and tools are established to systematically leverage these two important areas of insight and to develop innovative solutions that fulfill evolving customer requirements. By asking for direct feedback after important customer interactions, such as claims handling or sales for example, we are systemati­ cally collecting and analyzing feedback to improve business processes and make the customer’s voice heard through­ out the company. Strategic Investments Allianz continues to leverage the opportunities of an ­increasingly global and digital environment. We drive harmo­nization of systems and processes across the Group to reduce complexity and improve efficiency as well as pro­ ductivity. At the same time, ­Allianz is developing web-based and multi-access customer interaction to address changing customer behaviors and further increase their loyalty. We are making considerable progress in our Group-wide digital transformation program and will invest approxi­ mately € 450 mn in 2013 and 2014 to build reusable assets in the three areas of the ­Allianz Digital Target Picture: Custom­ er Interaction, Analytics & Products as well as Productivity. Allianz will continue to dedicate a substantial portion of the overall digitalization investment to the Customer Inter­ action area to increase the frequency and quality of cus­ tomer contact through web, mobile and social media across all distribution channels. We have already started rolling out our cross-device global interaction solution One Web, which covers internet and mobile interaction. Addressing our customers’ increasing preference for social media, ­Allianz has already begun developing products to ensure representation of the brand and customer inter­ action in the social space. Facilitating multi-access for cus­ tomers is a key priority for the upcoming years. To leverage significant data for market-based pricing and product development, investments are being made in Ana­ lytics and Products. Key examples are initiatives such as Product Portfolio Efficiency – which simplifies the product portfolio by facilitating modular offers – and Global Busi­ ness Intelligence, which builds a solid and scalable infra­ structure to enable entities to conduct advanced real-time analytics on critical business and reporting data. In addi­ tion, ­Allianz is exploring innovative digital opportunities such as telematics. Productivity is the third key area in driving ­Allianz’s global platform strategy of deploying scalable, lean and flexible processes and leveraging economies of scale, scope and skills. Global core insurance platforms have been rolled out to various entities and further migration projects will be started. High priority is also given to meeting regulatory require­ ments and adopting a sustainable approach to risk man­ agement. These include investments for addressing the requirements of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, as well as ­Allianz’s Solvency II program. Key multi-year strategic infrastructure programs are the basis for the above-mentioned initiatives. ­Allianz is prepar­ ing the worldwide consolidation of data center operations. This should simplify the launch and operations of global applications while reducing costs. It should also benefit ­Allianz Group with improved recovery in case of major data losses and interruption of operations caused by disasters. The continued harmonization of local networks in the Group-wide ­Allianz Global Network program also supports this consolidation. Opening up new business opportunities, ­Allianz is growing the Business to Business to Customer (B2B2C) area. By building two value propositions in Automotive and Road­ side Assistance and International Health and Corporate Assistance, we are taking a distinctive position in the B2B2C market. This approach will accelerate growth by creating comprehensive product packages and enhancing distribu­ tion with global car manufacturers, large international corporations and high-net-worth individuals. 164