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Allianz Annual Report 2012

Magazine for the Annual Report 2012 11 Allianz made it possible for this client to get a customized corporate solution. “Insurers don’t normally do that. But I am able to offer such services because I can rely on a strong, flexible company with a broad range of products.” A single contact person for all a client’s concerns – that is the philo­ sophy at his agency, and it’s been that way ever since he took the place over at the age of 23. “Every client has different requirements. As an agent, we want to understand what the client really needs, what prod- ucts out of Allianz’s broad portfolio will benefit him or her.” Wolfgang Hiller has known the insurance business since he was a kid, quite literally. Twenty-two years ago, his father handed over the Allianz agency to him. So the family firm, founded nearly 83 years ago, is now in the hands of the third generation. Today he has 24 employees and is one of Allianz’s most successful agents in Germany. In a sense, Hiller’s success makes him a real son of his home town. ­Biberach, located on a sightseeing route that passes major baroque monuments in Upper Swabia, is unique in many ways. And not just because of the splendid aristocratic houses that adorn its old town. Each insurance case is treated with care. Even trainees are already taught how to deliver quick, thorough responses to ­client inquiries. number of SALESFORCES worldwide 148,200