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Allianz Annual Report 2012

Annual Report 2012    Allianz Group 121 TRUST AND TRANSPARENCY Allianz is recognized as being one of the world’s most trans- parent multinational companies. In the 2012 Transparency International Corporate Reporting ranking, ­Allianz came 10th out of the 105 largest publicly-listed companies. This ranking is based on Transparency International’s assess- ment of the level of transparency these companies provide in disclosing the measures in place to fight corruption. It also analyses to what extent earnings and taxes in specific countries were reported. The research explored three dimensions of transparency: −− public reporting on anti-corruption programs covering bribery, facilitation payments, whistleblower protection and political contributions, −− organizational transparency including information about corporate holdings, −− country-by-country reporting. Allianz’s Anti-Corruption Program and organizational transparency were highlighted by Transparency Interna- tional. We were able to explain and to provide evidence showing that ­Allianz is actually delivering on its promises and that our management and employees are working hard to prevent non-compliance. Independent ratings serve as yardsticks in helping us achieve our objective of being perceived as a trusted finan- cial services provider and attracting the right talent and investor base. Trust is the basis for our business and can only be established if we are transparent. The recognition from Transparency International is highly motivating and challenges us to improve further. Dialogues with governments and related institutions We are living in a time of multiple economic and political challenges, such as over-indebtedness of selected sovereign states and the lingering effects of the financial crisis in the Eurozone. All-time low interest rates and market insecurity and volatility remain critical factors for our business and particularly for our customers. Our main goal when inter- acting with governments is to contribute solutions to these issues and create a stable political and economic land- scape that will benefit our customers and us over the long term. Ourgoalin2012wastoexpandcontacts,increaseinteraction and promote dialogue on fundamental societal issues and challenges. The key topics impacting ­Allianz’s activities included the sovereign debt crisis, demographic change, Solvency II, the proposed financial transaction tax as well as energy policy. Political donations As a corporate citizen of significant size and headquartered in Germany, ­Allianz SE is committed to the country’s vibrant democracy. For this reason, we contribute to democratic political parties that are represented in the German Parlia- ment (Bundestag) and support the social market economy. We acknowledge the important role labor and industry have played in the creation of the modern German state. Consequently, we have a policy governing corporate dona- tions to political parties in Germany. Our donation activi- ties are strongly driven by the premise of transparency and to deliver this level of transparency, we publish a press ­release outlining our political donations. All contributions are made annually on 1 July to ensure that they are in no manner connected, or perceived to be connected, to any legislative initiatives or elections. In 2012, we contributed equal amounts to political parties in Germany representing a variety of views within the polit­ ical spectrum: the Green Party (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen), Christian Democrats (CDU), Christian Social Union (CSU), Liberals (FDP) and Social Democrats (SPD). The amount do- natedtoeachpartywas€ 30,000.Thedecreasefromlastyear in the amount donated reflects the growing international focusofourengagements.­Allianzsupportsanumberofeco- and sociopolitical projects, such as the Third Generation Initiative,thatbringstogetherAmericanJewsandGermans to foster reconciliation. C Group Management Report Your Allianz 93 Business Operations and Markets 106 Our Strategy 109 Our Progress in Sustainable Development