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Allianz Annual Report 2012

Annual Report 2012    Allianz Group118 Social Community engagement A committed corporate citizen As a global company with a business presence in over 70 countries worldwide, we take our responsibility to society seriously. By offering skills, time and money, we strive to advance social well-being and give financial and practical support to our local communities. In addition to being a major taxpayer, we also make donations to address social, environmental and cultural issues of relevance to ­Allianz and the societies in which it operates. Furthermore, our inter­national network of 13 ­Allianz affiliated corporate foundations – for example the ­Allianz Cultural and Envi- ronmental Foundations – supports us in living out our role as a responsible corporate citizen. In 2012, studies were con- ducted to analyze the impact of our Corporate Responsibil- ity activ­ities on brand value, employee engagement and financial literacy education. The preliminary outcome was that there is a strong positive correlation and further re- search will be conducted in 2013 to better understand where we can improve and further increase our impact. Corporate giving Over the past three years ­Allianz has implemented a Group- wide corporate giving framework. Robust processes have been set up and data collection has been integrated into our financial accounting system, with the aim of system- atically increasing the transparency of corporate giving and improving its management. As part of these ongoing enhancements, we now collect data on our local activities according to the London Benchmark Group (LBG) model and have adjusted internal tools for collecting information about our affiliated foundations accordingly. In addition to being a major taxpayer, ­Allianz donated € 20.4 MN (2011: € 22.2  MN) to support local communities. The total corporate giving sum comprises donations, char- itablememberships,aswellasgrantsmadebyouraffiliated corporate foundations. In addition to corporate giving activ­ ities, ­Allianz offers its employees the possibility to donate in the event of natural catastrophes. For that we have a global platform to involve all our employees in donation campaigns, which is supported by our partner, the Inter­ national Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Employee volunteering Engaging employees in social projects is a key component ofourresponsibilitytowardssociety.Wesupportthedevelop­ ment of effective solutions to critical social issues by draw- ing on our core competencies. Through the My ­Finance Coach (MFC) program, for example, ­Allianz and its partners aim to foster financial literacy among 11- to 15-year-olds. Familiarizing these young people with financial issues will help them to make educated financial decisions now and inthefuture.TheGermanUNESCOCommitteedeclaredMFC to be an official project of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005 – 2014). In 2012, the MFC program reached more than 100,000 pupils in Germany. Furthermore, a rollout to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Argentina took place. We see growing interest from our local entities to introduce MFC locally. ­Allianz also shares its know-how and business skills with socially com- mitted organizations by engaging with both employees and retirees. In 2012, for example, through one of ­Allianz’s leadership development and employee volunteering pro- grams, such projects were carried out in eight countries involving a total of 49 ­Allianz employees and 16 social entre­ preneurs. Our employees Nurturing talent for today and tomorrow Our employees’ exceptional commitment and ambition to provideexcellentservicetoourcustomersarecrucialtoour success. We place great emphasis on fostering employee engagement, strong leadership and technical expertise among an increasingly diverse workforce. Diversity Allianz recognizes the importance of having a diverse, in- clusive workforce that is made up of employees from differ- ent backgrounds. We understand that promoting diversity is necessary for ­Allianz as a global company to be successful andwehaveimplementedanumberofinitiativestosupport this. Consistent with our Code of Conduct, ­Allianz has a zero-tolerance policy against discrimination and harass- ment in the workplace. As part of the effort on the advancement of women at ­Allianz, in 2008 we set ourselves the global target of increas- ing the share of women in the talent pool for executive po- sitions to 30 % by 2015. A top management sponsorship program for women and flexible work-life programs, such as part-time employment or job sharing, are part of support­ ingactionstakeninseveralcountries.Wearealsocommitted to having 30 % of management positions in Germany held by women by the end of 2015.