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Allianz Annual Report 2012

Annual Report 2012    Allianz Group116 Environment Taking environmental responsibility seriously CARBON REDUCTION STRATEGY Despite the fact that the financial services sector is a com- paratively low-carbon industry, ­Allianz is nevertheless committed to reducing its environmental impact. We have a target to reduce our carbon emissions per employee by 35 %  by 2015 against a 2006 baseline. Because energy use­ is the largest contributor to our carbon footprint, we have also set ourselves a specific energy target to support our overall carbon reduction objective – by 2015, we aim to ­reduce energy consumption per employee by 10 % measured against a 2010 baseline. In 2012, ­Allianz continued to reduce its carbon footprint, cutting CO2 emissions from its business operations by a further 3.2 % compared to 2011. Our overall CO2 reduction since 2006 now stands at 35.6 % 1 per employee. As the main drivers of our carbon footprint are energy, travel and paper, our reduction efforts focus on these areas. While we have already reached our 2015 CO2 reduction target and are seemingly close to our new energy target (minus 8.3 % per employee), as the economy continues to improve, the challenge for ­Allianz will be in controlling our con- sumption and emissions over business cycles. In 2013, we will also continue to improve the quality of our environ- mental data; specifically focusing on further improving our carbonaccountingmethodologyandformalizingandfurther automating our reporting systems. Better data quality will also be the basis for future decision-making on environ- mental activities and targets. Environmental footprint 2 Allocation of Co2 emissions in 2012 (in %) Total Gas Emissions (CO2) 3 (in metric tons)   Scope 1 – Direct GHG emissions, total    Scope 2 – Indirect GHG emissions, total    Scope 3 – Other indirect GHG emissions, total 111,640 125,669 122,465 152,525 159,093 185,698 82,805 70,150 84,354 Per Employee 2.42 2.50 2.73 Total Emissions 346,970 354,912 392,517 2012 2012 2011 2010 C 017 (3.2) % Water travel PAPER waste energy 0.2 3.6 36.7 1.9 57.6 1 The ­Allianz Group’s total reported carbon footprint already considers the compensation ­activities of some of our subsidiaries. 2 KPMG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft AG has provided limited assurance on the 2012 envi- ronmental performance information. For further information, please refer to www.allianz. com/sustainability. 3 CO2 emissions are reported based on CO2 equivalents, including all Kyoto greenhouse gases.