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Allianz Annual Report 2012

Annual Report 2012    Allianz Group 113 COMMITTED TO INVESTING RESPONSIBLY Wearecommittedtointegratingenvironmental,socialand governance (ESG) factors into our proprietary investment strategies and third-party asset management. Customer demand, a growing recognition of the importance of ESG factors and better risk-adjusted returns are sound business reasons for integrating ESG factors in our investments. By scrutinizing investments from an ESG perspective, we en- deavor to identify long-term risks and opportunities that are not fully reflected in market prices and seek to capital- ize on them for the benefit of shareholders, customers and other stakeholders. This is especially relevant to us, because as an insurance company we manage and carry risk over very long time horizons. WeareincreasinglydemonstratingourcommitmenttoESG by incorporating these factors in our investment strategies and asset management. This is undertaken as an investor in our own proprietary assets and as part of our third-party asset management business. Our proprietary business is steered by ­Allianz Investment Management SE (AIM) while our third-party business is managed by ­Allianz Asset ­Management (AAM) through its subsidiaries, ­Allianz Global Investors (AllianzGI) and PIMCO. Principles for responsible investment Allianz SE, as an asset owner, and PIMCO and ­AllianzGI, as asset managers, are signatories to the United Nations Prin- ciplesforResponsibleInvestment(UNPRI).Thesixprinciples reflect the view that ESG issues can affect the performance of investment portfolios and therefore should be given ­appropriate consideration by investors. 96 % of the total ­assets under ­Allianz management are now covered by this commitment. Sustainability in proprietary asset management As well as being a leading global insurance company, we are also a major institutional investor. We are well aware of the impact our investment decisions can have and take seriously the responsibility that comes with the investment side of our business. As a result, we show our commitment 1 KPMG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft AG has provided limited assurance on the 2012 mi- croinsurance performance information as well as the performance indicators: number of inforce insured people and gross premiums written. For further information, please refer to 2 Changes to our 2011 data were made for the following reasons: 1. Full year data were only available after the time of publication, 2. The Colombian microinsurance business was in- cluded retrospectively, 3. Our new operational microinsurance definition was applied. C 015 Microinsurance key figures  GROSS PREMIUMS WRITTEN (in € MN)  NUMBER OF INSURED PEOPLE (in MN) THEREOF FROM Non-Consolidated entities THEREOF FROM Non-Consolidated entities 20121 N.A. 2010 2.9 14.6 2011 N.A. + 11.7 20121 N.A. 2010 40.6 55.2 2011 N.A. + 14.6 20121 3.8 2010 3.9 17.1 2011 2 + 0.1 + 13.2 20121 78.4 2010 57.4 78.6 20112 (21.0) + 21.2 C Group Management Report Your Allianz 93 Business Operations and Markets 106 Our Strategy 109 Our Progress in Sustainable Development