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Allianz Annual Report 2012

Annual Report 2012    Allianz Group 111 Our global-local communication approach supports cost synergies, best practice sharing and a consistent brand expe­ rience around the world; the activation of our global assets at a local country level helps our entities to position them- selves as a trusted partner and to create a link to their local business – as illustrated by our Formula 1™ engagement. In 2012, 28 ­Allianz entities participated in the “Drive Safely” campaign in their local markets. With over 50 million cars insured worldwide, road safety is an issue ­Allianz has always been committed to. Allianz continues to invest in a strong global brand. In 2012, we again invested about € 30 mn in our global sponsoring platforms and about € 7 mn (gross rate card) in advertising at ten international airports. Also our operating entities supported their business growth with continuous media investments. Despite what were, to some extent, rough market conditions we saw strong advertising media spend- ing in markets like Brazil with € 16 mn (gross rate card), the United States with € 18 mn (gross rate card) and Spain with € 25 mn (gross rate card). Staying connected in a digital world Digital trends dramatically influence consumer behavior and requirements. As a result, expectations of service levels are increasing. We are continuously adapting to this new digital lifestyle to stay connected with consumers and im- prove our customer service. One of our goals is to ensure our customers enjoy even greater convenience in their dealings with ­Allianz. We are striving to enhance ease of interaction and give customers a choice with a variety of different access channels. This is a vital part of the Digital Target Picture described on page 164. With our increased brand presence in digital and social media we encourage a more engaging, emotional and ­“tangible” interaction with ­Allianz beyond traditional mass media. In 2012, for example, ­Allianz Germany further ex- panded its multi-channel approach and successfully estab- lished Facebook as an additional platform for sales agents to intensify their dialogue with existing and prospective customers and to support the sales process. Today, more than 1,000 German agents offer their advice and services on their own Facebook pages in a consistent ­Allianz branded design. Via social media platforms and mobile services we aim to intensify the contact with our customers, providing them with our knowledge and services when and where they are most relevant to them. Examples are:     164  Strategic investments −− a weather app with weather forecasts, warnings and ­advice to help our customers stay safe, −− a travel app that offers location-based travel insurance on the go, pay-per-use functionality, a document safe and other useful information about travelling safely, as well as −− a retirement planner app launched in Asia, allowing the user to quickly check the cornerstones of retirement provision. Customer focus The loyalty of our customers is one of the key factors for sustainablegrowth.Ouraspirationistooutperformourlocal peers. We regard constant feedback from our customers as vital to ensure ongoing improvement in our products, ­services and processes. As part of our customer-focused activities, we use key feedback tools such as the Net Pro- moter Score (NPS). NPS is a measurement of customers’ willingness to recom- mend ­Allianz and has been established as our key global metric for customer loyalty. It is regularly measured in about 40 ­Allianz companies worldwide, representing around 90 % of gross premiums written (GPW). Based on ­empirical analysis in many of our local markets, we have observed a positive correlation between NPS and new busi- ness, profitability and agent productivity. More loyal and satisfied customers have fewer complaints, are less likely to churn and are more inclined to buy other services or products and to make referrals. We apply NPS in two ways: Top-down NPS is measured annually by our local compa- nies according to global standards and allows benchmark- ing against local competitors in the respective markets. Our joint efforts to further improve the loyalty of our cus- tomers proved effective again in 2012. The proportion of ­Allianz businesses with significantly more loyal and satis- fied customers than the local market average rose from 52 % in 2011 to 55 % in 2012. The percentage of ­Allianz companies that have attained loyalty leadership in their market also increased, from 28 % in 2011 to 30 % in 2012. Bottom-up NPS is used to measure customer loyalty after key interactions at critical touch points such as claims han- dling or sales. It enables us to better understand customer expectations as well as their changing needs. By asking for direct feedback after important customer interactions, we C Group Management Report Your Allianz 93 Business Operations and Markets 106 Our Strategy 109 Our Progress in Sustainable Development