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Allianz Annual Report 2012

Annual Report 2012    Allianz Group106 Our Strategy We aspire to be the strongest financial community. Therefore, our strategy rests on four pillars – having the best people, operational excellence, ­financial strength and being the most trusted partner for our clients and shareholders, as well as for our agents, banks, brokers and other distri- bution partners and, last but not least, for society. Building upon those pillars we want to reach and maintain our strategic goals: to be a leader in our three business segments with respect to profitability, supported, where appropriate, by the size of our business. We aim to be the strongest financial community. Our strat- egy is built on four strong pillars – best people, operational excellence, financial strength and trusted partner. Size and profitabilityarenotgoalsinthemselves,butmeanstoserve our clients, satisfy our shareholders, attract and retain highly qualified and motivated employees, be a good and reliable business partner, and also honor our responsibility towards society. Our ambition is to be the leading property-casualty insurer in the world, in terms of gross premiums written and profit­ ability. In our Life/Health core business we strive to stand amongst the three most profitable insurers globally, and want to grow where our requirements regarding profitability are met. Moreover, we want to be the top active asset man- ager in terms of assets under management and by profit- ability. Furthermore, we aspire to not only reach but main- tain size and profitability in the long run. Therefore, sustainability is at the heart of our business and we have incentivizedourleadersaccordingly.Forfurtherinformation, please refer to Our Progress in Sustainable ­Development starting on page 109 and the Remuneration Report starting on page 74. the four pillars of our strategy C 010Lorem Ipsum DoL r 000 BuILDIng the strongest FInancIaL communIty Operational excellence Best pe ople Truste d partner Financialstrength Insurance anD Investments Our key strategic lever is having the best people. Only quali- fied and motivated employees will serve our clients well and thus safeguard the success of ­Allianz. In our business lines,inouroperatingentitiesandinoursupportfunctions, we aim to attract and nurture the best talent, to engage our employees and to develop our professional skills and ex- pertise. We regularly collect feedback from our workforce around the world, following a widely used methodology that enables us to compare ourselves with our peers and helps our leaders define and take actions. Our Progress in Sustainable Development  109   74  Remuneration Report